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Introducing Lucky Man products!

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This month we will be bringing on a new Men’s Product Line to our salons. We are so excited to introduce more options for our male clients to chose from. The new line includes a Men’s Shampoo, Thickening Spray, Gel, Water Wax, Creme Clay and Forming Fiber. Check out more information on the products below! And don’t forget to ask your stylist about it on your next visit!











Men’s epidermal skin and scalp is thicker, (why men tend to wrinkle less) but oilier, and pores/follicles often become clogged with spent surface cells, perspiration and oily hormones. This clogging can result in hair loss. It is very important to remove the unwanted toxins and increase blood flow for healthy hair growth.
Scalp Stimulating Shampoo is formulated to purify the scalp with Salicylic Acid to cleanse the follicles and exfoliate spent cells and flaky skin. It also has Menthol to increase blood flow and oxygenation to the root. Witch Hazel adds extra astringency and anti-inflammatory cleansing.
To use, apply quarter size amount to scalp, work into a rich lather and allow the lather to remain 2-3 minutes. Rinse. Repeat if necessary. Use daily to exfoliate flaky scalp.
Why you will Love it: The tingling sensation as the shampoo is working, leaves one feeling invigorated as well as the scalp feeling refreshed and the hair feeling clean and fuller.

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Thickening Spray is a body-boosting primer that is part leave-in conditioner and part styling agent. As men tend to not use conditioners, this 2-in-1 primer contains high performance conditioning agents designed to bodify hair while giving excellent wet comb ease and provide dry comb styling memory retention. This spray provides extra body or curl control before applying the finishing styling products. Men with fine hair can use this spray to blow dry volume and extra fullness into the hair. Today’s modern POMP styles have a great deal of lift in the front and crown. Also, men with longer, curlier textures can use this primer to control their frizz/curls.
To use, spray LIBERALLY on damp hair and comb through.
Why you will Love it: Men with simple styling routines or shorter hair can use this conditioning, styling spray as their only fixative. Trendy men with sophisticated styles will love the extra volume, fullness and control this modern primer gives.

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Swell Gel is a non-sticky, modern, multi-benefit gel. This gel provides body, hold and control without hardness or crispiness. Sea Kelp, called Bladderwrack, gives the unique lubricious feel to the formula and prevents the hair from sticking to the hands during application. This natural algae also gives cuticle-smoothing benefits to prevent frizz. Swell gel is great for men who are growing their hair longer. With longer hair, especially wavy/curly textures, the modern styles are not rock hard, but pliable with some controlled movement.
To use, apply 1-2 pumps to damp hair and allow to dry, or blow dry for volume.
Why you will Love it: It offers excellent humidity resistant control that looks and feels natural to the touch. Also, hands aren’t sticky upon application. For greying clients, this gel won’t turn the hair yellow.

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Water Wax is a fabulous water based finishing wax without “the wax”. This moldable, moderate holding pomade gives high sheen. This formula is completely re-workable and rinses perfectly clean from the hair—no build up. It is perfect to create the very popular, shiny-combed back or to the side, Elvis-like looks.
To use, for the POMP style, prime the hair with Thickening Spray to get lift at the scalp and blow dry in volume and fullness on finer textures. Then, rub a dime size or more of Water Wax into your hands and finger style through the hair. Comb for perfection or leave slightly separated. For the wet looking SLICK style with less volume, still spray the hair liberally with Thickening Spray, but comb hair into place, apply Water Wax and re-comb.
Why you will Love it: Gels and typical wax based pomades just can’t create that High Sheen, super fashion forward look. A must-have puck in any hipster’s hair care cache!

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Crème Clay is a medium-to-high hold, matte finish, styling crème. This formula gives a pliable hold that works great for medium to thick textures. It’s a great, easy to use, starter puck for men who don’t style with pucks. Eases your gel-using guys into more defined, fashionable, finishing products.
To use, apply to damp hair, or even hair blown dry with Swell Gel. Apply a pea size amount and start building and defining the style. To achieve more control, just add more Crème Clay.
Why you will Love it: Crème Clay is layerable and easy to use. It can be cocktailed with Water Wax to create more sheen or with Forming Fiber to create more separation and definition. Again, another must-have puck for matte finish days.

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Forming Fiber is a high hold, semi-matte styling and finishing wax. It is best used on short hair (1-3 inches) due to the resinous nature of the product. You can see and feel it by pinching your fingers together repeatedly and see the resin form a fibrous network of hold as it dries. Forming Fiber is great for styles that need maximum control, just a dab can create maximum separation and definition. Great for finer textures that need more support and hold.
To use, apply to either damp hair or wet hair, start with a pea size amount and thoroughly heat it by rubbing into palms. Work into the hair to give desired direction, definition, lift and separation.
Why you will Love it: It can tame the most difficult textures into many fashionable styles.



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Summer Top 5!

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Let’s face it, we are all product junkies. We couldn’t stop buying products even if we tried! Every year Bumble & Bumble, Kérastase and Jane Iredale launch new, amazing products, and we try them ALL. Every. Time. So for those of you that don’t get to play with hair products all day, (seriously, you should come work with us), here are our current Top 5 products this summer that we absolutely love. Enjoy!


1. Sérum Thérapiste // Kérastase – We get it…it’s summer and we all want is to be blonde! Unfortunately your beautiful sun-kissed highlights may also come with some crispy ends. But not to worry; Kérastase just came out with a miracle in a bottle. This powerful serum goes on damp hair, before you blow dry. It not only protects your hair from heat (up to 450°F!), but also repairs the hair. The double-pump serum compensates for and reactivates missing hair proteins, leaving the hair fiber instantly repaired, reinforced and resurfaced.



2. Bain Fluidealiste // Kérastase – Living in Florida, we deal with humidity and frizz about 105% of the year! This amazing shampoo by Kérastase was just launched the end of last year and we love it. Their idea behind it was very similar to most keratin-like shampoos, but they wanted to maintain the movement in the hair and not weigh it down. The Bain Fluidealiste leaves your hair feeling smooth, light, SHINY and frizz-free. This is a shampoo to definitely check out!


3. Repair Blowdry // Bumble and Bumble – Repair Blowdry is a new favorite at Yellow Strawberry. This baby hit the shelves just last year and we were beyond excited to try it out.  (I believe I hit it right on the nose in this earlier post.) 


4. Elixir 11 // Yellow Strawberry – Elixir 11 is our favorite leave-in product for the spring and summer time. Whether you’re a beach-goer, a swimmer, or just love being outdoors, this product protects your hair from it all! It prevents dryness, has SPF and is also our most popular detangler for you and your little ones! 


5. Thickening Spray // Bumble & Bumble – Last but not least, the product that will be on our Top 5 until the end of time- THICKENING SPRAY! If you have yet to try Bumble & Bumble’s Thickening Spray, You. Are. CRAZY. This amazing product has been around since 1980 and we hope it never, ever goes away. Thickening Spray gives the hair that extra ooomph you’ve always wanted. On top of the amazing fullness, it also has heat protective and moisturizing agents to protect and condition the hair.


Stay tuned for our new Top 5 when we get into the fall season!


♥ Happy Hair Days!


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We ♥ the new Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry Family!

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We have been waiting patiently, (not really), for Bumble and Bumble’s launch of the newest additions to the Blow Dry family and they’re finally HERE! Ladies n’ Gents, introducing our new favorite products that we can’t wait to try on you…


First things first, remember that wonderful product that we’re still obsessed with? Straight Blow Dry? Well, if you’re experiencing memory loss or haven’t had the privilege of trying it, here’s a little refresher on why we LOVE Straight Blow Dry.


Straight Blow Dry is a lightweight, heat-activated styling balm that helps deliver straight, smooth, healthy-looking styles with movement – that’s the textbook version. It’s an amazing blow dry heat-protective styler. It will cut down your blow dry time and leave coarse, unruly hair looking smooth and beautiful. And thank goodness for us, Bumble and Bumble said “Why stop there?!”, and created a family of heat-stylers for every type of hair. (yay!) Along with the Straight Blow Dry, Bumble and Bumble created All-Style Blow Dry and Repair Blow Dry


All-Style Blow Dry  is for your healthy, fine or oil-prone hair. This lightweight creme is perfect for a smooth, soft and frizz-free style. This gem also has teeny, tiny oil-absorbing powders that gives hair oomph and won’t weigh you down. It’s perfect for limp hair and smells like a dream to boot!


Repair Blow Dry is the crème de la crème. If you’re a chemical or heat styling junkie like most of us, this is the product for you. This serum-in-crème helps seal split ends, protects dry, damaged hair from heat AND helps REPAIR the hair too! It’s packed with hydration and treats your hair better than prince charming would on a first date.


*Word of advice from our stylists: “Watch out when you dispense this product! It’s more of a serum than a crème and comes out VERY fast!”






Did I mention they made brushes for these amazing Blow Dry products too? Yup, you heard me correctly! Bumble and Bumble gifted the world with their very own Flat Brush and Round Brush. These brushes are made with both nylon and boar bristles for the perfect grip.

Have I caught your attention yet? Stop by one of our three locations to try out these new products before they’re sold out!

In the meantime, check out these products and brushes in action in the How-To videos below!


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